Conversations With My Sister: Reading

It’s nice to know that after an annoying afternoon I can count on my sister to cheer me up with some book banter.

Me: What are you doing?

Sister: Trying to turn on the internet on this thing.

Me: The internet is on. That’s a Nook Simple Touch. The only internet you can get on is Barnes & Noble’s website.

Her: Why?

Me: Because books are all I need it for.

Her: This is a nerd device. You’re wasting your life, sitting inside all day reading.

Me: A reader lives a thousand lives.

Her: A reader lives until they can’t see and die!

Me: Everyone lives until they can’t see and die!

Her: You’re just going to keep reading until your eyes fall out and roll on the floor! Then I’ll have to get you those books with the dots!

Me: That’s called braille. You’d know that if you read.

Her: *stares* I’m going outside to smoke.

I win this round, Jennifer.