How To Read The Last Book In Your Favorite Series In 10 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Excitedly remove the book from the box, so fast you almost drop it. Be careful not to actually drop it, you may damage the book.

Step 2: Stupidly grin down at the book you now hold in your hands and pet it.

Step 3: Open the book to a random page and inhale deeply with a look of bliss on your face.

Step 4: Contemplate reading the book before ultimately deciding you just can’t yet, while getting slightly weepy.

Step 5: Think of all the ways reading this book is going to be painful.

Step 6: Stare at the book for a couple of hours to two days.

Step 7: Finally open the book and begin reading it.

Step 8: Jump up and down, squeal excitedly, and weep as you read.

Step 9: Finish the book way too fast.

Step 10: Say to yourself: “Oh god, what have I done? Why did I read this so quickly? It’s over.” But be happy because it was pretty perfect. Decide to keep the book on your nightstand for a little while longer. The bookshelf can wait.

This post was brought to you by my pain and suffering and happiness. I recently finished The Witch With No Name by Kim Harrison. It is the last book in The Hollows series. My absolute favorite series. I discovered this series eight years ago (but it’s been around for 10!) and I’ve been reading a new book from it every year since. I’ve watched these characters grow. I grew with them. I mourned with them and I loved with them. And even though the ending was perfect, I’m sad to see it over. Now I am left with rereads and memories.



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