Stamp Out The Stigma… #TalkFear

I don’t normally reblog posts but I’ve decided to make an exception for the #TalkFear series Louise is doing. This is important. This needs to be talked about. I am so proud of Louise and everyone else joining this project. And hopefully, if I can manage to organize my thoughts properly, I will be writing a piece for it too. In the upcoming weeks, some truly wonderful people will be cracking open their minds and bearing their fears to the world. I hope that we can be kind and understanding as we bring our fears into the light. So please, read these posts, share them, and if you’re feeling up to it contact Louise and join the #TalkFear project.

Hey guys,

Shit might be about to get a bit heavy, so I’m prefacing this post with a picture of Alison, a fish I won at the fair.


Anyways… as some of you already know, I suffer from mental health issues. I’ve mostly been super secretive about it (for reasons I’ll tell you about another time), but for a while now, I’ve had some amazing support off a great friend, and lately, I’ve been feeling brave enough to talk about it — I hesitated to type that. It still feels weird/awkward/uncomfortable to call myself brave. Anyways, more than brave, I’ve started to realise how let down by people I feel. Not all people. Not even most people. But there are some, and it just so happens that this ‘some’ have the loudest fucking voices when it comes to perpetuating stigma. They hear mental illness and herd all sufferers into…

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