I am afraid. I am afraid of so many things… by Jessica Evans #TalkFear #MentalHealthAwareness

And here is my contribution to the #TalkFear series. Remember to follow bookishblurb to hear from everybody else!

When I first saw Louise talking about this on Twitter, I thought it was a wonderful idea. A scary, terrifyingly wonderful idea. So, of course, I immediately made a joke about sending her a crazy long post about my fear of spiders that would consist of nothing other than pictures of them with me screaming LOOK AT THIS  in the captions. I could easily do that, but it wouldn’t be real. I don’t want this to be a joke.


I am afraid of so many things. I’m not really sure where to start or how deep into my fears I want to go or if I’ll even be capable of talking about this in a serious way that doesn’t end in me cracking jokes every other line. Humor is the easiest way to for me to deal with my fears. It makes it easier to pretend they don’t matter. If…

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In Slightly Smaller Slices… by Louise Gornall #TalkFear #MentalHealthAwarness

Remember that #TalkFear series about Mental Health Awareness I told you about last month? Well, the posts have started coming out today and I couldn’t be prouder. Isn’t this first one fabulous? There’s going to be about four posts a week going into August. Mine’s scheduled for July 14th. Louise’s blog is the place you want to be this month, so if you haven’t started following her yet you should do that. I won’t be reblogging the whole series, so you definitely want to follow her as soon as possible. Another will be put up on bookishblurb tomorrow! And as always feel free to leave comments (on the original post ideally but I will respond if they’re here) and join in and use the #TalkFear hashtag on twitter if there’s anything you want to talk about. Contact Louise if you’d like to write a piece for the series. And lastly please help us spread the word!

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